Lenticular Lens


Lenticular Lens is a tool which allows users to construct linksets between entities from different Timbuctoo datasets (so called data-alignment or reconciliation). Lenticular Lens tracks the configuration and the algorithms used in the alignment and is also able to report on manual corrections and the amount of manual validation done.


  1. Link Creation
    • Resource Selection
    • Linkset Specification
    • Linkset Documentation
  2. Link Manipulation
    • Set Selection
    • Lens Specification
    • Lens Documentation
  3. Link Validation
    1. Link Network (Cluster)
    2. Manual
      • Individual Link
      • Network Visualisation
    3. Documentation of Cluster and Validation
  4. Data Export
    • Link-type Selection
    • Export format
    • Metadata Documentation

Future Plans



For any additional information feel free to contact:

DI Structured Data Team


Institutes and Projects

  1. Vrije Universiteit (VU): RISIS and CLARIAH
  2. University of Amsterdam (UvA): Golden Agents
  3. Huygens Institute: Golden Agents and CLARIAH



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